Recalibrating for More Art

A painting from my #the100dayproject

A painting from my #the100dayproject

I had a great birthday. I even got to paint. Woot! And if you haven't seen it, my 100 Days of Art Challenge is complete. Winning!

I've decided to up my game and go for another 265 days of visual art. This will be a bit different, though. In order to do some more complex techniques such as layering,  I will work every day on a piece of visual art that I will ultimately post on  Instagram, Counting from the end of #the100dayproject, I have 101 through 104 in the bag. I may need your encouragement at some point down the road.

This is a long haul  with a couple of goals in mind. One is to continue to get my art out in front of people. Another is to meet fellow artists, customers, and others in the art sphere. The third is to improve my art. It's going to be fun.