I’m too tired to make more art and too awake to go to sleep.


I did this earlier. It’s a small 5” x 7” format. (The black border and words were Photoshopped in.) I’m working to find what feels like my native style. I think I’ve looked at too many other things and confused myself. I feel that a combination of media works best for me. I stick with one when it feels right, but generally mixed media works best for me. There, I have decided.

What works best for you?

And also the more illustation, the light

A thread that runs through my art is that of illustration and light. It rests unlightly between nebulae and abstracts. Here is its home.

Hot Day Original Painting

Hot days are coming or going, depending on which hemisphere you live in. Brighten up a room or bring a reminder of a day in the sun.

This original art painting was created with Acrylic, Watercolors and A qua Bronze on Saunders Waterford paper.Quarter Imperial Size (approximately 15” x 11”)

Unmounted painting

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