Adult Coloring Page


  Several people (you know who you are!) have been at me to do some adult coloring pages or even an adult coloring book. Between one thing and another,  I hadn't gotten to any of it. Today I rediscovered some black and white art work I did back in the 80s. I thought that with some tweaking in Photoshop, this one would be good for coloring. So I tweaked and voila! a page to color.

I tried it out with  Polychromos colored pencils (*) , and it didn't turn out half bad. So I'm sharing this as an adult coloring page you can download as a JPG or PDF. I hope you have fun with it, and I'd love to see your coloring.

Droplet 1 Coloring Page

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Most Awesome Coloring Books


If you're an adult coloring book aficionado and you haven't tried Pepin's Artist's Colouring (Coloring) Books and Postcards, you haven't lived. They have super heavy paper for coloring -- 250 gsm (140 lb) -- and will take a mess of scrubbing, watercolor or erasing. Or all three! They also come in large format (B4 size, 9.8" x 13.9" I believe) and postcard sizes. The pages range from sweepingly simple to extremely ornate. Each of the ones I have has a combination of ornate and simple designs. Some of the ornate pages require either a super-tiny tip to color them, or a watercolor wash. However you choose to color them, though, they are delightful. The outlining is done in a pale gray. That makes it so coloring can cover the lines altogether, depending on the media and methods used. However, it can be too light for some people with vision problems.  Whatever media you like to work with, I say enjoy these great coloring books to the fullest.

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