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If you're an adult coloring book aficionado and you haven't tried Pepin's Artist's Colouring (Coloring) Books and Postcards, you haven't lived. They have super heavy paper for coloring -- 250 gsm (140 lb) -- and will take a mess of scrubbing, watercolor or erasing. Or all three! They also come in large format (B4 size, 9.8" x 13.9" I believe) and postcard sizes. The pages range from sweepingly simple to extremely ornate. Each of the ones I have has a combination of ornate and simple designs. Some of the ornate pages require either a super-tiny tip to color them, or a watercolor wash. However you choose to color them, though, they are delightful. The outlining is done in a pale gray. That makes it so coloring can cover the lines altogether, depending on the media and methods used. However, it can be too light for some people with vision problems.  Whatever media you like to work with, I say enjoy these great coloring books to the fullest.

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So you like adult coloring books?


I like adult coloring books. They are a happy, peaceful way to let your mind wander in color. Adult coloring books are also great meditations and stress relievers. So it's no surprise I like BZTAT's Color Me Cats Coloring Book. I've known BZTAT a good while and admire her art. I'm also lucky enough to own one of her original paintings. Of a black cat, no less! I was tickled when she created an adult coloring book with her whimsical drawings. I had to get it. I have to say I'm impressed. Not only are the joyful drawings to color lovely, but it's printed on one side of quality heavy weight paper that's perforated so you can remove the page before or after you color. And it's spiral bound so it lays flat.

I sound like an advertisement. LOL No, she's not paying me in cats or anything else for this post. I don't think she even knows I'm posting it. Sorry. I just think it's seriously cool. If you're a colorist or an artist or really anyone, this is a fun adult coloring book.

Never be scared to color. There are rainbows in your eyes. ~Robyn