Mental Illness Awareness Week in Paintings


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Mixed Mania: NAMI #MIAW

For Mental Illness Awareness Week, I'll be doing as many pieces as I can regarding the mental illnesses I live with daily. This one is about mixed mania in bipolar disorder. Mixed mania is when symptoms of both mania and depression happen at the same time. It sounds like an oxymoron, and I assure you it feels like one. It might be elevated energy and hopelessness, or severe irritability and being too depressed to move, or grandiosity and suicidality, or all of the above and more. I've seen it written that mixed mania is the most dangerous of mood states. It does seem to have the potential to be. If you have a friend with bipolar disorder who seems disorganized in these ways, be there, be supportive, and don't expect them to make a lot of sense. In the midst of it. We don't make a lot of sense to ourselves. Medication can help a great deal, but it is not a cure.

#MIAW #CureStigma . 
This original art painting was created with  watercolors on Saunders Waterford Rough paper. . 
Dimensions: 8" x  10" PM or  contact through my website ( ID:2029) . 
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And also the more illustation, the light

A thread that runs through my art is that of illustration and light. It rests unlightly between nebulae and abstracts. Here is its home.

Hot Day Original Art Painting

Hot days are coming or going, depending on which hemisphere you live in. Brighten up a room or bring a reminder of a day in the sun.

This original art painting was created with Acrylic, Watercolors and A qua Bronze on Saunders Waterford paper.Quarter Imperial Size (approximately 15” x 11”)

Unmounted painting

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