Today's concept is Gratitude


For the last several weeks I have been working with a different concept daily to enrich my life. I have each of them made a flashcard on the back of a colored index card so that I can pick up one every day. Sometimes I simply repeat the word or phrase to myself to engrave it on my subconscious. Other times I might try to list things in my life that apply to the daily concept. Still other times I might make it my mantra for the day or the center of my meditation.

Today’s concept is gratitude. This has been the one that so far h as given me the most joy. The other day — not a “gratitude” day— I found myself feeling grateful for the little things in life. When i touched various objects I found myself feeling grateful for having them in my life. It was an amazing feeling. It made me more determined than ever to keep working with these flashcards.

To make your own concept cards, all you need is a pen or pencil and paper. I used colored index cards, but you can use white paper, watercolor paper. any kind of paper you have handy. If you hate your handwriting you can print the ideas out on your printer. Do what works for you to get the words on the page.

My concepts to ponder and internalize are, so far: Gratitude, Compassion, Love, Light, Help Is Near, You CAN Heal, Opportunities, Solutions, Remember the Goodness in Your Heart, and Kindness. You can use any of these that call to you. You can also add ideas or concepts that you feel an urge to work on.

Today is gratitude, and I am grateful for it.


I needed hobby. Something creative that was not work related. Enter: rock painting! I’m not doing them to sell. Some will be gifts for friends and family. Others will just be. I love rocks, though, and I love painting, so it’s a perfect fit.

This one is for me, for calm gentleness. Others are much more brightly painted. The first group to give away will be on its way this weekend! And I’ll have room to make more,