"My art is about being human. Emotions, bright and dark. Joy and pain. Raising our eyes to the sky and wondering what or who else is out there in the cosmos. Spiritual energy in all its many forms, encompassing ritual, myth and magic. And seeing things in abstracted patterns that are meaningful to us, and to us alone. Being human is multifaceted, and so is my art."

Robyn has been creating things since she was a child. Her creative efforts have ranged from sculpture to jewelry to drawing to writing to painting. In all her works, her goal is to shine Light into the world by bringing a particular energy to you, to illuminate your humanity.  It might be a glimpse into a feeling, crystal energy, Reiki healing energy, a place or a any combination.

Robyn fell in love with jewelry-making and studied it at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts along with basic design, drawing, oil painting, Spanish, and hand building ceramics. She was graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1985. After graduation she continued with self-education, learning additional painting media, wire sculpture jewelry, various crafts, and more.

Robyn is both an insider and outsider artist. Insider, because she does have some formal art training, albeit many years ago. Outsider, in that she both works outside the traditional art establishment, and works around mental illness in the form of bipolar disorder and PTSD. Both the insider and outsider aspects of her art have come together to create a unique art experience.

For the past decade and more, Robyn wrote about crystal meanings, made and sold handmade sculpted wire jewelry on her former website. After hand injuries from making that jewelry and two surgeries, Robyn had to change her creation style, going to other jewelry which does not require the hand strength and precision. The main type of jewelry she makes now is original art glass domed jewelry. In the process of working with this, she started self-educating about watercolor painting. Her art site is peppered with original watercolor paintings and other artworks that have or will become unique jewelry.

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